The Future of TCSD

Dear TCSD Members,

The Board of Directors wanted to touch base and let you know we are currently working on planning for the remainder of the year…and years to come!  We, of course, have limitations imposed by the State, County, and City of San Diego and our goal is to adhere to the current State Guidance and San Diego County Health Public Health Order (available here).  As of today’s date, all TCSD in-person meetings, races, and socials are cancelled until September 1, 2020, at which time we will reassess with updated guidance.  Limited workouts are being held, so please check your email or the website for all of the pertinent information and links to the Facebook groups.  

So, what in the world is the Board doing during this time, you may be wondering?!  Over the past 18 months, the Board has developed a great working relationship.  We don’t always agree but we respect one another’s opinions and realize that everyone on the Board has a shared goal:  to make TCSD the best Tri Club it can be.  Up until this point, our main goals were to grow the club’s membership numbers and get a new van.  We were successful in restoring the club to numbers it hadn’t seen in many years and our new van is awesome thanks to the generosity of our members.

In the four months since COVID-19 hit, membership has dropped significantly although understandably.  And once we started to understand the long-term implications of this pandemic, we regrouped and realized that this is the perfect opportunity to develop a cohesive vision for what we want the club to be moving forward.  After much discussion, we believe that the best course of action for the next year is to focus on the following two items:

  • Vision #1:  COMMUNICATION – Our immediate focus will be renovating the website to be the “go to” place for all club information including events, workouts, classifieds, training partners, membership, sponsors, etc.  Communication by email, Facebook, and Instagram will be streamlined with all information leading back to the website.  This is a huge undertaking…both in effort and financially.  We want to encourage you to renew your membership (see below for a GREAT deal!!!)
  • Vision #2:  MENTORING – Once restrictions are lifted, we will be rolling out a more comprehensive beginner program including re-introducing something similar to Team Solana that was so successful in 2009.  Beginner triathletes are the lifeblood of our club and will become our future leaders.

What will change look like?  We will stress QUALITY over QUANTITY—we will favor larger, more inclusive events that focus on training at all levels and socializing.  We want more FUN—look for more ways members can win sponsor products & discounts with raffles and silly contests.

Bob Babbitt recently posted a touching video on FB—you can see it here.  We encourage you to watch it and reflect on what a great sport we are part of and how we have the opportunity to positively affect people’s lives.  As Bob says in the video, triathlon is “the ultimate joy in just get out there and playing.”

To encourage you all to renew your membership, ANY membership is now $50 until further notice (a $40 discount!!!).  New members and current members can use the discount.  You can renew now and it will add a year to your current membership expiration date.  


AJ, Brad, Tracy and Melissa

(With help from Monica, James and Marc)