TriClub is going virtual (again)!

Tri Club Social Distancing Event!

The TCSD Del Mar ride goes VIRTUAL again! Last weekend we had 14 riders join us. We’ll set this up as a weekly workout for the time being.

Zwift Meetup Instructions

Add TCSD, Tri Club San Diego, or GO TRI CLUB! to your Zwift name.

Note: Please do this if there’s any chance I won’t recognize you or your Zwift name. I get “Requests” every day after every ride from Zwifters who are just building their “friend” list.  I need to know which ones to ignore.  I don’t want to leave TriClubbers out of our Meetup because it’s full of Zwift strangers (max 50).

-Zwift Companion app (Blue)



-Profile (edit your name) You are welcome to change it back after I accept your request.

Request to Follow Wayne Coey in Zwift Companion (Blue)

-Zwift Companion app (Blue)


-Find Zwifters

-Type Wayne Coey

-Hit the Orange square for a “Request to Follow Wayne”.  Wait for Wayne to accept and send an invite to the Meetup.

Accept Invite in Zwift Companion (Blue)

-Zwift Companion app (Blue)


-Three little heads to the right of bike and run.

-GOING! You’re ready!

Check ride details, status, Going List, updates, etc, anytime in Zwift Companion (Blue)

-Zwift Companion app (Blue)


-Three little heads to the right of bike and run.

-Tap your Meetup event.

Joining the Meetup on Saturday morning in Zwift! (Orange)


-Zwift app (Orange)

-Sign in if required.

-Tap your name.

-Pedal or spin your back tire to pair your sensor(s).  This varies by type of trainer.

-Let’s Go! 

-RIDE (orange) near bottom.  This is the “START” button. DO NOT tap the Meetup in the upper right.

-Pedal to verify your sensor is working.  Then continue to warm up or just sit on the side of the road and wait for the “JOIN” prompt which usually appears 3 to 5 minutes before a Meetup event starts.

-You will be moved to the start of the ride with the Meetup group.  Parked diagonally on the side of the road.