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Jason Verbracken

I had the pleasure recently of talking triathlon with Jason Verbracken.  In just the 2018 and 2019 seasons Jason has done some absolutely amazing races. ...

August Monthly Update

View the full email here. Calling all swim buddies!  First off, thank you to everyone that showed up to swim buddy for the Solana Beach Triathlon. We...

TCSD TriNews August 2019

Proper gearing is important because your fitness and the conditions of the day overlaid on the course, give you a predetermined range of speeds.

July Monthly Update

View the full email here. Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone has a fun-filled holiday and weekend. With half the year behind us, we’d like...

Maggie Riley-Hagan

I recently had the good fortune of sitting down and talking triathlon with TCSD member Maggie Riley-Hagan.  Maggie is a real pioneer for the women...

Babbittville: Mike Reilly

Mike Reilly, The Voice of Ironman, and my long-time friend, joined me recently for a great evening of story telling for the Triathlon Club of San Diego.

TCSD TriNews June 2019

As you move into the race preparation part of your season, one of the most important things you can do is prepare your body and your equipment to race.