Author: Fontaine Shu

Jack Shannon

I had the pleasure recently of talking triathlon with Jack Shannon. Jack has been leading the Pannikin Ride for a few years and is an...

TCSD TriNews January/February 2018

We live on a blue planet covered in oceans. Not only do they provide us with gorgeous venues for triathlon racing, they also account for approximately half of the oxygen we breathe…

Perspective Fitwear

Perspective Fitwear is an athletic clothing company, specializing in triathlon apparel and accessories.  Additionally, we seek to encompass a wellness concept by incorporating products that...

Babbittville: Alistair Brownlee

England’s Alistair Brownlee is amazing. Along with his brother Jonny, in the 53 ITU races where a Brownlee was on the starting line, either Alistair or Jonny won an astounding 35 times.

Babbittville: Lionel Sanders 2018

At the 2017 Ironman World Championship Lionel Sanders had a phenomenal race but was caught in the last three miles by Germany’s Patrick Lange. During this conversation, it’s obvious that taking second place left Lionel more motivated than ever to win the big one next October.

Babbittville: Tim Don

For three-time Olympian Tim Don, 2017 was the year that he went went 7:40:23 at Ironman Brazil, the fastest time ever for an Ironman, and also the year where he was hit by a car in Kona three days before the Ironman World Championship and ended up with a fractured C2 vertebrae. Tim is now back to training and looking to get back to Kona. His first race back? The legendary Boston Marathon!

Erin Farrelly, MD

Erin Farrelly, MD is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in Orthopedic Traumatology. She treats patients with injuries to muscles, tendons and bones,...