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TCSD TriNews August 2019

Proper gearing is important because your fitness and the conditions of the day overlaid on the course, give you a predetermined range of speeds.

TCSD TriNews June 2019

As you move into the race preparation part of your season, one of the most important things you can do is prepare your body and your equipment to race.

TCSD TriNews April 2019

How a Triathlete was driven to win a race and how he endured the elements through the tropical latitudes on the shores of the Great Pacific Ocean and onward to the cold Country…

TCSD TriNews December 2018

This race experience started for me on a Saturday with the fixed morning practice swim on a sunny 70 degree November day one year ago.

TCSD TriNews September 2018

All too often I see prospective clients delay in hiring a bicycle injury lawyer. They have a lot of reasons for doing so, ranging from…

TCSD TriNews August 2018

When TCSD club member Chayito Velez called me last summer and announced, “I know how to get us into Challenge Roth,” I was ALL ears, as I know that the oldest 140.6 mile triathlon in the world…