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TCSD TriNews March 2018

Buying strong insurance coverage is a necessary evil. I often wonder if it is worth it to spend the money on skyrocketing insurance premiums. I hate giving my hard earned money to Insurance Corporations, because all too often I see these same organizations litigate deserving bicycle injury victims’ cases.

TCSD TriNews January/February 2018

We live on a blue planet covered in oceans. Not only do they provide us with gorgeous venues for triathlon racing, they also account for approximately half of the oxygen we breathe…

TCSD TriNews December 2017

Breathing is always happening, always with you; never stops, never rests. Breathing is the key to keeping alive and functioning. We take our breath very much for granted. We condition our bodies, we train our minds, and we manage our nutritional inputs, but we typically do not ‘work on’ our breath.

TCSD TriNews November 2017

Bike trainers have evolved over the years… Ask any long-time rider to recall their first indoor training experience and it probably sounds like a B-grade horror movie; you’d hop on your stationary torture
machine and slave away in agony in an…

TCSD TriNews October 2017

The ultimate one-day test of endurance saw its greatest moment on October 14, 1989, now forever known as “The Iron War.” That was also the day that the rivalry between Mark Allen and Dave Scott reached its pinnacle of intensity…