Bill Gleason

Coach Bill Gleason,  CSCS,

USAT level II Certified Coach (former)

A USAT Level II Certified Coach (former) for eight years, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and an experienced triathlete with fourteen seasons under his belt, Bill Gleason possesses the deep knowledge required for coaching the complex blend of training that triathlon and multi-sport competition demand.  He’s helped hundreds of endurance athletes achieve their goals. Recently, his more experienced athletes have achieved their competitive goals at National and World Championship races, many podium finishes, and lots of PR’s at all distances.  He has coached his beginner athletes through very successful, first-time half-iron and full ironman finishes. He also focuses heavily on the age-group triathlete that has hit a plateau in performance and needs the extra edge that comes from experienced coaching to take his or her performance to next level.

Bill takes a holistic approach to his coaching by combining nutritional and recovery strategies with proven effective workouts, all specifically tailored to each athlete individually. Bill constantly improves his education in both the art and science of endurance sports. He goes above and beyond what is required of a USAT Level II Certified Coach because he is so passionate for endurance sports.

Coach Bill Gleason gets to know each athlete well because he recognizes that every athlete is unique and that no one-size-fits-all approach works well. He will not be giving you a generic “training plan.” He gets the most out of a competitive athlete who has limited time to train, unique limitations, and high goals with his holistic approach. The real skill and value to be found in Bill’s Coaching is that he effectively applies his knowledge to each athlete individually.