Chip Slack

I first met the Tri-Club at a Triathlon 101 put on by Steve Tally around January 2013. I could hardly believe what I heard about how doable a triathlon is and what my experience with the Tri-Club was going to be. He was right.

I’ve been with the Tri-Club regularly since spring of 2013 when I showed up for Beginner Open Water Swim (BOWS) at Bonita Cove in preparation for 2013 Sprint in May. The volunteers I remember are Deborah, Ian and Bobbi. They made a hugely positive and lasting impression on me on being a volunteer. I have been attending BOWS as swimmer and volunteer ever since. Getting prospective and beginner triathletes comfortable in open water and ready for their first race has been my volunteer service. The BOWS volunteers mentioned got me excited about volunteering as a Swim Buddy at races, attending the TCSD Monday night La Jolla Shores swims, entering Rough Water swims like Pier to Cove, and the Tiki Swim. I am currently working with Ian, Bob, and Phil at BOWS and that has been the most rewarding volunteer work I have ever done.

In 2016 I got “Adult Learn To Swim” certified alas I did not keep it current. But it did instill in me a special mindset to accept that when it comes to swim anxiety, anything is on the table.

In 2017 I was asked by Open Water Swim Director Trevor King to lead the Monday night 6pm La Jolla Shores in-shore swim group. He has been very supportive in helping with this volunteer service. Getting people comfortable swimming in the ocean has been a bigger challenge. Enter the Tri-Club again. There have frequent attendances by numerous Tri-Club veteran athletes (celebrity guest appearances I call them) to assist and together we have seen incredible rough water swimmers emerge. Yes that is a request to you rough water swim enthusiasts! Please visit us at the Monday night 6pm La Jolla Shores in-shore swim group and make a guest appearance!

As of 2018 I have completed several sprints and Olympic distance triathlon, four (4) 70.3 events, and three (3) 2.4 mile Tiki Swims. I am also on the path to Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) 2018 and I am a nervous and excited wreck.

This year I hope to continue working with others in the swim portion of the sport of triathlon at BOWS and Monday Night at La Jolla Shores. And complete Ironman Arizona.