Chris Costales

In 2003 I went surfing at San Elijo, and afterward I couldn’t make it up the stairs to get to the parking lot.  I had gained about 60 pounds after college with a mix of drinking, unhealthy food, and lack of exercise which left me completely out of breath about 3 flights into the climb.  After that embarrassing moment I decided then and there to change my life.  I looked up the next local triathlon which happened to be right down the street from me, and I started to train for the Mission Bay Tri.  In an old speedo, a broken down beach cruiser, and a pair of shoes that must have been 7 years old I finished the race and never looked back.  In fact, a week later I bought my first road bike and was researching spring races.

My background is in swimming.  I was a competitive swimmer from 5-18 years of age, and continued my love for the water with surfing and lifeguarding through college.  When I signed up for the Mission Bay Tri in 2003 I joined the UCSD masters swim program and that’s where I heard about the Triathlon Club of San Diego.  I joined for the year, went to a few club meetings at Roadrunner where I could splurge on pizza, and really enjoyed the annual club races at both Crown Point as well as Glorietta Bay.  Soon I found myself signing up for more and longer races, both local and abroad.  A highlight for me was  Ironman Austria that took place in Klagenfurt where we enjoyed the crystal clear blue water of the Faaker See lake (yes, it is as fun to say as you can imagine), biked through the Alps, and ran along paths lined with screaming fans handing out beers to those brave athletes willing to down the tasty suds…yes that included me!

As for the head coaching position, about 4 years ago a great friend of mine Paula Munoz voluntold (mix of volunteered and told) me that I should help coach the masters swim program.  She regularly volunteered countless hours and thought it would be a good fit for me.  I met up with the head coach at the time, Erin Hunter (an amazing person and swimmer) and before I knew it I was leading up workouts at the JCC.  A few months later she needed to step away from the role and asked if I was interested in taking over and I have been the head coach ever since.

Now 15 years into the sport I am still going strong.  I sign up for about 5 races a year (a far cry from the 10-15 I would do in my 20’s) and have mainly focused on sprint and Olympic distance races after I tore my ACL and meniscus playing soccer about 7 years ago.  That didn’t stop me from doing Ironman Arizona 6 months later but now my knee screams at me anytime I go longer than 6 miles.  All that being said, I am excited to be on the deck several times a month and hope you all can join us for our great workouts.  Generally the fast lanes get in between 3000-3500 yards and we also have technique specific groups on Monday nights.  Thanks for being a part of the club, see you in the water!