Darrell Steele

Darrell Steele – Saturday Del Mar Bike Ride Leader

It was New Years Eve and after sufficient participation into the evenings activities a buddy asked, “you know how to bike and I know you run, can you swim?” Intrigued I said “yes but why?”  He then challenged me to a triathlon, the Spring Sprint at Mission Bay in May.  Challenge on, I then explained that not only would I race him, but I would be so far ahead that he would never even see me on the course.  Turns out that was only partially true, he never did see me during the race, nor I see him, until the finish.  But that was 2002 and the beginning of a great journey.

I’ve been leading the Saturday Del Mar ride since 2006.  I’m a Certified Bike Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists and have taught bicycle handling skills through out San Diego County from beginners, children, adults, newbies and advanced riders.  While many coaches focus just on getting faster, I also focus on getting better; becoming a better cyclist instead of only a faster cyclist.  And if I had to chose, I would ride with a better cyclist any day!