Wanted: Your cold, your tired, your Shimano 105.

 ID#: 4637   Date posted: July 25, 2014;   Expire date: November 2, 2014;            
Brief Description: LOng story short, I bought a broken left shifter/brake for my bike to convert to road bike bars for my first crit. But the left side is missing parts so it is a brake only. For the crit I locked it in the large chain ring, for my commute (35 miles starting at 2:30 am) I lock it in the middle chain ring. I would love to be able to shift! Got any old junk parts laying around I can repair it with?  
Contact Name: Josh Tootell  
Contact Phone: 424-261-4759  

Contact e-mail: Joshua.Tootell@gmail.com

Home Page:


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