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Welcome to the TCSD Wildflower page!

Below you will find updates, FAQs and general information about the Wildflower Triathlon Festival, May 2-4, 2014 at Lake San Antonio, CA. click for Official Website
Contact Ran Shenhar ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ),  or Linda Rich ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for more information.

Facebook event
Carpool list - http://j.mp/WOaR1G

Registration for the Avia Wildflower 2014 Festival is open!

Wildflower is consistently ranked in the top 5 of all triathlons.  Combining location, size, competition and atmosphere, Wildflower is a unique tradition and rite of passage for many triathletes.  TCSD had over 180 competitors last year.

Wildflower 2014 offers:

  • 3 races (MTB short, Olympic, and Half IM)
  • Lake swims, hilly bike courses and mostly on trail runs with great aid stations
  • Club competition (TCSD won the Long Course competition in 2010)
  • ITU Long Course qualifier
  • Huge Expo/Food park with a stage and kids play area
  • Tent or RV camping

TCSD Plans

Our volunteers make a huge effort to provide members a unique and great experience.  This includes:

  • Carpool list - http://j.mp/WOaR1G. It's a long ride - save money & make new friends by carpooling!
  • Side trips before and after the event
  • Kids race/family activities
  • A large communal campsite
  • Tent pick up and delivery to the site
  • Saturday evening BBQ
  • Sponsor items


We need YOUR help - cooks and kitchen 'staff' are especially important!
We also encourage your ideas and experiences from past Wildflowers -- what was good, what can we improve?

Wildflower FAQ

What do I need to do now?

Register and indicate TCSD as your club.  We will get a "rebate" of $10 for each club registrant.  This money will go directly toward Wildflower expenses such as the club dinner Saturday night.

Use the link below:

Do I pay for camping?  What is the camping pass all about?  Do I pay now?

You pay for camping in one of two ways.  If you are tent camping, you need a camping pass for the number of nights you will be at Wildflower between Thursday and Sunday.  The camping pass is PER CAR (TriCal wants us to carpool as it makes it easier to leave Sunday if there are fewer cars).  So, it is in your favor to share the expense with others and carpool either from San Diego or from Paso Robles, the nearest town.  (We will maintain a car pool roster to help members accomplish this).

If you have an RV, you pay for a designated space and that is also your camping pass.  You can try to get a space in the D loop where the TCSD camping area is but that is not guaranteed.

If you want a little more privacy or quiet, you can camp anywhere you like in the park and still hang out with TCSD.

If you are sure that you are driving, you can buy the pass now during registration.  If you aren't sure, you can wait and buy the pass later in March or April.

Where is Wildflower?
At Lake San Antonio recreational area in Monterrey County about 25 miles west of Paso Robles in Central California.  About a 6 hour drive from San Diego.

What is the course like?
On top of the official page maps, you can search for the course on your favorite GPS tracking site.
Here's the bike ride of the half: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/27575590/
* more links will be added soon *

Do I have to camp? 
No, you can stay in Paso Robles but getting into the race on race day is a challenge. 

How do I keep informed on Wildflower 2014?
Come back to view updates on this page, follow the mailing list & the Facebook event page

You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more.


Ran Shenhar and Linda Rich
Wildflower 2014 Coordinators

More Information

Arriving, Drop-off and Parking

We will be parking in a designated overflow area near the campsite.
Drive into the loop, find your tent, drop your stuff and then park in
overflow.  Please do not block anyone or cause an access issue. 


We usually get the infield of loop D of the Redonda Vista campground.  This is the first
loop on the right of the main camping area at the top of Lynch Hill.
There is a TCSD banner so you can't miss us.

There will be a common area for meals, campfires, etc.  Most of the
tents will be inside the loop.  There are other non-TCSD campers in
the loop; please respect their privacy and sites.  There are showers
nearby but they can get very crowded especially Saturday PM after the
long course race.  You can ride over to the other loops and find
better access.


Need a volunteer for firewood.


There is a general store with some supplies near the transition area.
The expo also has plenty of race related items like suncreen, goggles,
racewear, etc.

Bike Mechanics

If your bike gets out of tune or something breaks, there are mechanics
at the transition area on Friday and Saturday to help out.

Food Prep Area

There will be a general food prep area with tables, stoves, etc.
Please respect others equipment, (pots, pans, etc.) and clean up any
food you prepare.  We will have hygiene items (wipes, gels, etc.)
available; please use them.

Potluck on Friday Night

Don't buy the pasta meal...bring your preferred meal plus something to share.  Please
clean-up/dispose of any leftovers.

BBQ on Saturday night

We need volunteer for the BBQ!  Please email us.

KID ACTIVITIES:  Need a volunteer to plan/coordinate a kid's race or event.


SANTA YNEZ wine country Sunday Eve/ Monday:

Registered Members

(will be updated shortly)


Average high: 67

Average low: 48


Email us with your name, phone number, day leaving, returning, camping pass paid/needed, space for passengers/bikes and we will post here.