Triathlon Lifestyle Coaching

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We proudly coach San Diego's finest triathletes. We believe in training smarter, not harder, and help you balance triathlon with the rest of your busy life. Our standard packages include one-on-one sessions, customized training plans, and unsurpassed personalized attention to meet your unique needs. Brian Maiorano, Owner/Head Coach, will guide, motivate and inspire you to faster speeds and greater endurance. He'll analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and design a program to give you the best results for your training hours. And he'll push you hard while avoiding the over-use injuries that plague triathletes with overly aggressive training plans. And Rachel Gordon, Swim Technique Coach, will help you perfect your swim stroke whether you're a beginner or swim in the front of the pack. As one of San Diego's elite ocean swimmers and a master at analyzing technique, Rachel gives one-on-one sessions guaranteed to make you go faster with less effort.

Phone: (619) 977-4348

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Discount: 10% for first month of standard coaching package