DeSoto Sports

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Since 1990, the De Soto Sport Triathlon Company has been the most sought after brand of multisport apparel for triathletes worldwide. Founded by former pro triathlete Emilio De Soto, the San Diego based company, invents, innovates, designs, and manufactures right here in your town. De Soto’s technical garments are designed with comfort and style, and are designed to be used for swimming, biking, and running, all without having to change. The T1 Wetsuit by De Soto, with its a revolutionary two-piece design, not only keeps you warmer in cold water, but also helps to correct your swimming position, enabling you to swim faster. Once you try one you will want one! De Soto's mission statement is not to become the dominant brand in the sport but rather to offer the best product with the best possible service in any market.


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