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Congratulations, your team is officially a Nuun 2016 Sponsored Team! We are thrilled to have you and your team on board with us and want to make sure we keep you hydrated through all of your endeavors!

Just a little bit of important information so you know how the program works:

1) Your team discount is only applicable to orders shipping within the United States (we cannot currently ship anywhere outside the US).

2) This will provide a discount on toward most items (for example, the Team Hydration Kit is already greatly discounted from the retail price of the individual pieces, so your team discount will not apply to this item).

3) This discount code is unique to your team and should be used for team purposes. Please do not share with family, friends, or followers. Misuse of the code will result in the code being deactivated for your entire team.

We appreciate you following Nuun on Social Media (FacebookInstagramTwitter) and sharing team photos with us, tagging Nuun Hydration when appropriate. I have also attached a file with logo options for printing on team shirts/kits.

Your team code: Please login to the TCSD Website and see member deals to get the discount code

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Stay Hydrated,


Sponsorship Marketing Manager