Q: How do I log into the website?

A: As of December 2017, our membership account management has been migrated to Join It so you will no longer need to log into the main TCSD website. If you were a current or recently expired member, your membership should’ve already been migrated – if you see an issue, please reach out to membership@triclubsandiego.org. All you need to do is enter your email address and follow the steps to re-claim your membership on Join It. If you had a membership that expired awhile back and want to renew, first of all – Welcome back! You can simply go to our Join It profile, select your membership option and sign back up!

Q: What about timing chips?

A: You will no longer need to purchase timing chips! We’ve updated our timing system and will have loaners available at all of our races. Just make sure to register for the event ahead of time so we can plan accordingly!

Q: How do I show proof of membership?

A: We don’t currently have new membership cards. If you have a smart phone, you can log onto Join It on your phone and show us your membership info through there.

Q: Where’d the Classifieds go?

A: Don’t worry! They’re coming back! We’re working on setting the new system up. Stay tuned!

Q: “I forgot my login” / “I never got a login. What do I do?”

A: If you’ve already claimed your membership on Join It following our membership migration, please go to Join It to do a Reset Password. If you have not yet claimed your membership on Join It, please do so here. If you still have questions, please email James at membership@triclubsandiego.org.

Q: I’m new to the sport of triathlon. Can I get some coaching advice?

A: Of course! See our club programs or coaches page for more information. We have a beginner program and lots of coaches and workout leaders with a breadth of knowledge about all things triathlon.

Q: I have a specific training question?

A: Questions can be directed to our volunteer coaches.

Q: When’s the next club meeting?

A: As soon as the date has been decided on, it will be listed on the homepage, on Facebook and an announcement will be sent out to your email address.