was started in 2001 by David Minkoff, M.D. Getting his start in triathlon in San Diego in the 1980’s, Dr. Minkoff has completed 42 full-Ironman events and countless 70.3’s. Now in his late 60’s, he is still competing and maintaining his competitive edge in-part because of PerfectAmino.

PerfectAmino (same formula as Master Amino Acid Pattern) has the 8 essential amino acids, in a perfect ratio, to enable the body to use 99% of it to build and repair body protein. That means it’s a great pre and post work-out product, since it gives your body exactly what it needs to build or repair muscles, bones and more. So you can have faster and more complete recovery, improved lactic acid clearance, bigger and better strength gains, improved immune system, stronger tendons, bones and ligaments. In fact, Dr. Minkoff found this product after a lingering hamstring injury just wouldn’t heal for 4 years, until he started taking this product.

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