Fit Stop

The Fit Stop Human Performance Lab is a fitness testing and online coaching company providing advanced endurance assessments to fitness minded individuals for over 18 years. We deliver testing protocols that are designed for both the novice as well as the experienced exerciser. Our testing programs and exercise instruction provides the endurance athlete practical information on how to manipulate their energy systems in order to optimize weight management, endurance performance, energy management, power production and overall stamina gains.

TCSD members get 25% discounts on all of our Advanced Metabolic Exercise Testing. Outcome results include:

  • VO2Max (Aerobic capacity)
  • Anaerobic Threshold (or Lactate Threshold)
  • Aerobic Threshold (MaxFat)
  • Max Fat Bump (e.g., zone 2 or MAF)
  • Heart Rate, Pace and/or Power Training Zones
  • Body composition and Performance weight determination
  • Power to Weight Ratio
  • Online Guidance to help you integrate your  GPS, HR, and Power device(s) with your physiology.
Here is the link to more information and the TCSD discounts:

Ken Nicodemus

Phone: 760-634-5169