UCAN gives you steady energy so you can finish stronger. UCAN Performance Energy and Bars are powered by SuperStarch®, which has helped thousands of athletes eliminate GI distress and prevent the bonk. Use in your training to fuel the healthy way and recover quickly so you’ll be ready for the next! UCAN also offers UCAN Hydrate, a zero calorie, zero sugar, electrolyte replenishment drink to help you perform at your best and recover quickly. UCAN products are gluten-free and there are vegan-friendly options. Check out how Tim O’Donnell uses UCAN here.

Contact: Matthew Bach, Director of UCAN’s Endurance Business – matthew.bach@ucanco.com  

Discount for TCSD Members with code (instructions):
15% off UCAN’s products
50% off of the Tri Starter Pack

Website: https://www.generationucan.com/