Zoggs was Born in Australia in 1992.  The vision was to have goggles fit so well that they can even be worn by a seal. Since then, we have evolved greatly, but still retain our Aussie heritage. We continue to make the most innovative and unique goggles and equipment available in today’s market. Overall, Zoggs supports a unique, innovative line of market leading swimming goggles and equipment. Fit, quality, innovation and fun remains at the heart of the Zoggs brand. At Zoggs, we care deeply about what we do. For us, it is more than just designing highly innovative, quality swimming accessories and swimwear. It is a lifestyle we chose to live and work in.  URL is:  Zoggsusa.com.

Locally, we are can be found at B&L, Nytro, Moment, Pulse, Bike Bling, and  Hi Tec Bikes


Contact :  Brenda Janssen and Jonathan Diaz