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Fiesta Island Bike Intervals

This workout is to introduce interval trainings along with drafting with people of similar speed. Generally we have two groups, and A and a B. As we get into the summer months we might have a C group. Workouts are about 40-50 minutes long consisting of a 10 minute warm up and approximately 16 miles of fast paced intervals with rest periods in-between. After the bike you can also throw on your shoes for a 2-4 mile run. We will start at 4:30pm until the time change where we can push the start back.

We will meet in the middle of Fiesta island, at the Y split by the camp ground
  • Workout - Bike
  • Date:
    March 23, 2023
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  • Frequency:
    Weekly event on Thursdays
    February 23, 2023 - Sep 25, 2023
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  • Level:
    Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • Where:
    San Diego - Central
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