Triathlon Starter Kit (Bike, Trainer, etc)- EVERYTHING!!!

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San Diego, US
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If you are between 6'0-6'3" (210-220 Lbs when I was racing) and are looking to get an entire set up for Triathlon, let me know- we can work out a VERY reasonable price for EVERYTHING. I raced for 10+ years and am done! You will get EVERYTHING for a good price...

Wilier Triestina (size 61...or a 58, I honestly don't know- haha).
Aero clip on bars
Rudy Project custom painted helmet
Xterra wetsuit
CycleOps Pro Trainer
Multiple perfect condition cycling kits (bibs and top)
Bike repair stand
Bike repair tools (including chain whip)
Tri & cycling shoes (I wear 13 or 14)

Great opportunity for someone to be kitted out with everything! Email me- we'll figure it out. Greg (; email address includes word "email”.