Self-Supported Ironman in July/August - Looking for route recommendations?

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Hi all,

I was planning to do the Santa Rosa IM on July 25, which has been indefinitely postponed. It was to be my first IM.

Given the COVID situation, I am anticipating that things will not open for an Ironman-style event until 2021.

I have significant momentum in my training, and I don't want to just stop and cruise. Also, I will likely be working significantly more in 2021 and won't have the extra time to train as I do now. I want to complete what I set out to achieve and am planning to complete an Ironman-distance "race".

A few friends are willing set up "aid stations" along the route. Has anybody done this before? Any route recommendations?! Also, if anybody would like to join, let me know and let's crush this!