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San Diego, United States
$ 700.00
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ROKA Maverick X wetsuit size Small. I meant to order a size Large; however, I ordered this suit and during a move from one home and another, it was in storage over 90 days and I was not able to return it. It is "The Fastest Wetsuit Ever" due to the following:

Supportive core combined with shoulder flexibility
Centerline buoyancy
Graduated buoyancy profile
Improved neck comfort
Quick release ankle panels
Stretch woven panel

I ordered another Maverick X and it truly is the ultimate wetsuit. It is an integral part of my swim success and during my last three IM races when wearing this suit, I have done the 2.4 mile swim in 59:50, 59:59, and 1:01.

Retail price is $950 plus tax and shipping and imagine getting it for $700.00.