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Basic Bike Maintenance Clinic

Triathlon Club of San Diego is offering a FREE basic bike maintenance class for both current and prospective club members on Saturday, Nov 20th from 10:30 am - Noon. Attendees will learn basic regular preventative bike maintenance and unplanned bike repair skills. Time permitting, this class will include hands-on and/or discussion topics listed below. This class follows a Basic Bike Handling Skills class with separate registration at One or both classes can be attended. - Drive train basics, cleaning, maintenance and adjustments. - Derailleur basics, cleaning, maintenance and adjustments. - Braking basics, conventional and disc brakes, cleaning maintenance and adjustments. - Headset, handlebar and seat adjustments to improve overall bike fit. - Flat tire repair or tire replacement, at home or on the road. - Basic bike cleaning. - Bar tape wrap replacement. - Locking and protecting your bike. - How and when to consider working with a local bike shop or co-op (eg. truing wheels, replacing bearings, cables, cassettes, brake pads, inspections after bike crash, etc.) This class is ideal for newer cyclists and aspiring triathletes, but riders of ALL abilities will benefit from knowledge taught in this class by certified cycling instructors, triathlon and cycling coaches. Prior attendees are encouraged to return and improve their skills. Requirements: Advance registration, including location specifics, via Eventbrite. Bring your own bicycle, basic bike tools you carry on a ride, and helmet. All types of bikes and riders are welcome! Class size is limited to 20 participants and a minimum of 8 registrations are required to hold the class. Specific questions can be emailed to Coach Mark Bauckman @

San Dieguito United Methodist Church 170 Calle Magdalena Encinitas, CA 92024
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    November 20, 2021
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    1-time event (non-weekly)
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    Beginner Intermediate Advanced
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    San Diego - North County Coastal
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