Tri Club San Diego Email Guidelines:

Before posting any email to TCSD please read the below guidelines:

To ensure an efficient, fair, and informative system the Club has instituted the following rules for all TCSD email. However, keep in mind that all email must be from current club members and that no outside solicitation or announcements from non-members will be accepted. Furthermore, acceptance of all email is subject to approval from the Club's email moderators at the direction of the Board of Directors. Please be aware, emails may take anywhere from 24-48 hours to distribute depending on the day/time you send and when the moderators last checked the club queue.

Email Format

  1. Please include your first and last name and remove all automatic signatures, except Club Sponsors, Affiliates, or Board Members.
  2. Please submit emails in PLAIN TEXT format only and clean-up your email (i.e.: remove all > and any other symbol etc.) before submitting.
  3. Please do not include attachments.

Email Content - General

  1. All emails to the Club's "General" email list must be related to triathlon or Club functions (except the sub list called "Catch-all". See below).
  2. Please respect the time of the volunteer moderators who review all outbound emails and keep your workout announcement short and to the point.
  3. Please do not include links to product or service providers that are competitive with TCSD, or the Club's Sponsors and Affiliates, as outlined on the Discounts page.

Email Content - Special Offers and Discounts

  1. Offers for triathlon related goods and services will only be accepted from Club Sponsors and Affiliates, as outlined on the Discounts page. If you know someone who is interested in sponsoring TCSD, please contact our Sponsorship Director.
  2. Please submit all Race Discount emails to our Sponsorship Director for approval.

Email Content - Solicitations

  1. Please submit all solicitations for training camps, clinics, workshops, and other for-pay services that are offered at a discount to TCSD members, to TCSD's Board of Directors.
  2. Please submit all solicitations for Race Volunteers to TCSD's Board of Directors.
  3. Please submit all "For Sale", "Help Wanted", "Situation Wanted", etc. items to the Club's "Classified" section only. Time sensitive race entries that are permitted by the Race Director to be transferred (i.e. Santa Barbara) may be solicited via the e-mail system with a limit of one announcement per member for each race entry.  Do not sell or transfer bibs if it's not expressly allowed.


  1. Please submit your emails with the understanding that it might take at least 24 hours (and sometimes, although not often, as much as 48) for its release to the club. Hence, plan accordingly and transmit all announcements as soon as possible. Please, do not contact the moderators directly, via phone or other means, to ask them to approve your email.
  2. Please only submit emails that are intended to be seen by the membership at large. Emails addressed to individual members will be rejected.
  3. Abuse of the email system or harassment of the moderators will result in losing your email privileges; remember, they are volunteers with jobs, families, and training schedules…just like you.

Please consider volunteering to be a TCSD email moderator. For more information, email TCSD's Board of Directors.

How to set email preferences (club members only):

1. Go to the TCSD website.

2. Go to the Members page.

3. Under My Profile, click on Email Preferences.

4. Make sure your email address is correct; add a second email address if you like (Note: The second address will not receive copies of club emails, it only allows you to SEND emails from that second address because all incoming emails are screened to make sure they come from members' addresses)

5. Choose the Message Delivery option you wish -- individual emails as they come, a single daily digest of emails, or no emails at all. Please remember that email is the primary communication tool of the Club and its members; electing none may result in you not receiving important club info.

6. Choose whether you wish to receive General emails from all members or just board members.

7. At some point, TCSD will have special email groups.  These would be in ADDITION to General club emails, to be part of topic specific groups which circulate emails regarding that topic among themselves.

8. Finally, be sure to click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

Email Archives: You can read and search through all former messages in our Email Archive.

TCSD Email Sublists:

In addition to the General email list which reaches all members, the Club will set up several sublists to which members may subscribe. These lists communicate information on specific topics.  The current sublists are Swim, Bike, Run, Social and Volunteer.  The swim, bike and run sublists are used to convey last-minute workout changes; it is strongly recommended that if you attend any swim, bike or run workout that you subscribe to the appropriate list (or all).  


How to unsubscribe from the email list:

Go to My Profile and select "Unsubscribe" under Message Delivery.

Not receiving emails?

First please confirm that your membership is current, your email address is correct, and your email preferences are set as you expect.

If all of the above are correct, then please be aware that we have troubleshot several of the problems and concluded that several Internet Service Providers (ISPs), notably AOL, are blocking emails from the Club, perhaps as part of their spam reduction initiatives.

Please take the topic up with your ISP (AOL or other) to determine how you can get email from the Club's dispatch through their new spam screening systems (e.g. lowering your Junk Mail Filter level). If you any further problems or questions, please contact TCSD's with your problem (please be specific and include a description of your problem, the email address that is failing, and when the problem started).

In the interim, it may work for you to simply replace your current email address on record with an alternative email address (e.g. your work address or get a yahoo, gmail or hotmail address). This has worked for many users. And utilize the email archives to view recent emails.

Sorry for any inconveniences.