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First Light Swim

Openwater Swims Weekly Wednesdays and Fridays in La Jolla Toes in the Water @ 6:30am Arrive 15 minutes prior to Boardwalk in front of South Bathrooms to review a swim plan and buddy up. Swimmers break into pods of various Pace and desired Distance and/or Time in the water. With a Swim Buddy enjoy a Distance morning OWS workout to the "half" and back or all the way to Cove or Pier and back. Distances range between ~600 yds and 3500 yds typically. You are responsible for your swim buddy and they you - so communicate. Those new to Open-water should start by attending a Beginner oriented swim (BOWS, Sunday Glorietta, or M/F Shores evening). Swimmers should be comfortable in open/rough water, negotiating surf entry/exit and able to swim ~800 yds continuous and minimum of 1600 yds. Roundtrip to Cove can be 3,000-3,500 depending on navigation. Entry time may be delayed or canceled due to conditions such as darkness, storms, Water quality, etc. Check the Facebook Workout page and email swim list for last minute info.

Staging at La Jolla Shores South Bathrooms. Located at the west end of Vallecitos. Often referred to as "Tower-30", as approx April-Oct Lifeguard Tower #30 is in front of bathrooms . Arrive at 6:15 to observe water and make a swim plan with others. Street parking (check signage) or in the main parking lot and walk down. DO NOT JOIN other Swimmers in water without first conversing and sharing your experience/expectations.
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  • Date:
    September 6, 2023
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    Weekly event on Wednesdays
    January 01, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023
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    San Diego - Central
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