Race - Triathlon

IRONMAN California

TCSD Facebook Group for the 2023 IRONMAN California - https://www.facebook.com/groups/676194914003937 IRONMAN California description: Every race starts with a goal. At Kaiser Permanente IRONMAN California, part of the VinFast IRONMAN North America Series, our goal is to make you go fast on every course you encounter. We want you to feel the acceleration from a downriver swim, embrace the power on an ultra-flat bike course and be inspired from the crowds of cheering spectators. Because at the end of the day, we’re all out here for the same reason: to reach our potential by breaking our own barriers.??For those who want to know how fast they can be. For those on the hunt for a personal record. Kaiser Permanente IRONMAN California takes your best day to the next level.

  • Race - Triathlon
  • Date:
    October 22, 2023
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    1-time event (non-weekly)
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    Beginner Intermediate Advanced
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    Other - CA
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