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It's been a long road to get here, but we're pleased to welcome you to the new home of the Triathlon Club of San Diego!!!


The plan at the outset was to design a website that becomes the core of TCSD.  A "go to" to connect, engage and find information for workouts, training, calendars, coaching, other members, discounts, etc.  It had to be intuitive to navigate and user-friendly.

With the launch of our new TCSD website, we have included what we think are the most popular features of our old website with a new look and feel:

  • A robust member "dashboard"  which includes features only available to logged in members
  • An easy way to find sponsor and race discounts (and to post tri equipment for sale)
  • Searchable member database (you choose what you want other members to see)
  • Enhanced ecommerce site (selling TCSD buffs but looking for a volunteer to manage our e-store!)
  • Enhanced calendar with TCSD workouts and races, socials, volunteer opportunities and "meet-ups", a way for members to invite other members to their own workouts
  • New training section, with links to useful tools and information, especially for newbies


Before we (the TCSD Board) pat ourselves on the back, we realize there is still work to be done.  This is just the beginning framework; there is much more to be added in the weeks and months ahead. As resources allow, we will roll out new features.  If you have any suggestions, please email us at


And as you may expect, there are probably a few bugs we missed.  If you find anything like links that don't work or misspellings , please send an email to with the details of what you encountered, a copy of the URL that you were on when you encountered the bug, and what computer/operating system/browser you are using.

In case you are wondering what has happened to the content on our old website, rest assured the data will be migrated to the new site in due time. We just had to prioritize things that members would need right away, like the calendar and discounts.


Thanks to everyone who has helped in the development of our new website!   A special thanks goes out to Paul Hekimian of the LA Tri Club and his web developer, Chris Lohman for working with us patiently and professionally to build this new website.


Thanks to everyone for your continued support of TCSD.  


Board of Directors

Triathlon Club of San Diego 

AJ, Mark, Melissa, Tracy, James and Marc