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We will be moivng the many years of Craig Zelent's TCSD Converations section of our newsletter to this area.  We will announce to the Members when it's been completed.

I had the pleasure recently of talking triathlon with TCSD member Diane Ridgway. Diane has accomplished a lot in her endurance career from ultramarathons to Ironman. Diane recently won her age group at Ironman Wisconsin and is already qualified to race Ironman Hawaii in 2018. I know you will enjoy getting to know Diane.

Hiro Iwamoto and his guide Rich Anderson at Miyakojima Strongman

I had the pleasure recently of talking triathlon with TCSD member Hiro Iwamoto. Hiro has led an amazing life. His story is sure to inspire you when you face your next challenge. I am so glad I had the chance to get to know him and I know you will feel the same way once you hear his story.

I had the real pleasure of talking triathlon with Ian Kelly. Not only did I get to know this great guy in the process, but I learned some funny new words. Among other things, Ian leads the TCSD Beginning Open Water Swim workouts as well as serves as a race referee. I know you’ll enjoy his story.

I recently talked triathlon with long time TCSD member and USA Triathlon Age Group Committee Chairman Steve Sutherland. Steve gives a ton of his time to our sport and he is absolutely someone you should know, despite occasionally wearing his bike helmet backwards. I know you will enjoy reading Steve’s story and getting to know this great guy.

2012 USA Triathlon Hall of Fame ceremony: left to right: Judge Jones, Dave Scott, Scott Molina, Mark Allen, Chuck Graziano, Kat Donatello, Steve Sutherland. Scott Tinley.

I had the pleasure recently of getting to know Monica Sberna, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Triathlon Club of San Diego. Monica has a huge heart as you will see with all the money she has raised for important causes. You are sure to enjoy her story below.

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