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Big shout out to our very own Judi Carbary who was selected as the USAT 2021
Volunteer of the Year. As stated in the award, “This award recognizes an
individual or organization whose volunteer leadership in the Multisport
movement has been transformative and who has mobilized and unified athletes,
programs, and organizations that improve the events, youths, or others
affiliated with the sport.” We know Judi locally for her support of Splash
and Dash for kids. What you might not know is that she is very active
running the Official USAT Multisport Committee FB page, as well as being a
very engaged member of that committee as well as Team USA.

Here’s what Dave Lasorsa, Chair of the USAT Multisport Committee had to say:
I can think of no other volunteer who fits this description better.  Judi,
through her work with the “Splash and Dash” series, has long introduced a
number of youths to Multisport in S. California.  More recently, her work as
the founder and administrator of the USAT Multisport Committee Facebook Page
has promoted all disciplines of Multisport and  served as a center where
athletes can find the latest, accurate information for races, National and
World events, and Team USA-related issues.  She has personally organized a
number of  Town Halls where athletes can interact directly with Race
Directors.  Every day,  she  fields dozens of questions from athletes, and
 finds answers from appropriate USAT staff, saving these staff  multiple
queries.    Her boundless energy makes her a true “endurance athlete.”
Congratulations Judi on a well-deserved award!