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I had the chance to talk Ironman recently with TCSD member, Mike Ortiz who qualified for the Hawaiian Ironman at Ironman Canada by placing 16th out of 283 men in the 40-44 age group.  Mike’s time was 10:17:50.

I got to talk with Birgit Prigge about Ironman and triathlon.  Birgit qualified for Kona at Ironman Germany with a time of 11:01:49.  She has come a long way in the sport all the way to the World Championship.  I remember doing a 100-mile training ride with Birgit in 2001 where halfway she fell in a stream crossing, but finished the final 50 miles.  Even Lance Armstrong would have fallen on this slippery, algae covered road.  This woman is determined!


Sometimes I think it may be tough to find “a good interview” for this column, but there are so many good stories in the Tri Club of San Diego.  This was my first chance to get to know Patrick Rezzo and I thoroughly enjoyed his story.  Read on to meet Patrick and I know you will cheer loudly for him in Kona this October.

I recently caught up to Mickie Shapiro for a conversation about Ironman and triathlon in general.  Given Mickie’s success and speed at all distances, it was really tough to catch her.  The title to Mickie’s story could be “An Accidental Athlete.”  You be the judge.  Here is some of that conversation.

Mike D
I recently spoke with good friend and frequent training partner and Souplantation diner Mike Drury (MD) about triathlon and the Ironman.  I thought you'd enjoy some excerpts from that conversation.

I had the chance recently to have an Ironman conversation with Brad Buchanan.  For 2002 Brad was the winner of the Triathlon Club of San Diego Ironman of the Year Award.  Brad finished 3 Ironman races during 2002 (Australia: 10:56; Vineman: 10:45; Florida: 10:17).  Here are some parts of that conversation:

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