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Steve Diggs

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and talking triathlon with Steve Diggs (SD).  I hope you enjoy eavesdropping on our Ironman conversation.

I recently had the chance to talk Ironman with Dan Powell aka Captain Challenge (CC).  One of the flies on the wall captured these notes from that conversation.  There were a lot of flies around us since we had both recently finished Ironman races!

I had the chance to talk triathlon with John Kenney (Jake) who did his first Ironman in 11:33 at Madison on 9/15.  Jake and I have forged a strong friendship over the last couple years as we are members of the same church and trained a lot together.  To some extent I have been his triathlon mentor and he refers to me as Tri-Master (TM.)

I had the pleasure to chat with 2 TCSD members who recently qualified for their first Ironman Hawaii.  Both are great people who I am proud to call my friends.  Please cheer for Rob McElroy (RM) and Allison Felley (AF) along with our other TCSD friends racing in Kona this year.

An Ironman Conversation
Ironman field correspondent Laurie Kearney had this conversation with first time Ironman competitor Rick Ashburn the day after both competed in Ironman USA on July 28.  

Craig Zelent (CZ) had the chance to sit down and talk Ironman with Denise Bienias (IM2b) who is preparing for Ironman Canada on August 25.  It is always great talking to a prospective first time Ironman and this conversation with Denise was no different.

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