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I had the opportunity recently to talk triathlon with Brian Long, the former President of the Triathlon Club of San Diego and 2010 Ironman Coeur d'Alene Finisher.  Please join me as we get to know this incredibly great guy.


TCSD Conversation by Craig Zelent

Between helpings at a recent TCSD race I had the privilege of talking triathlon with the 2009 Jim McCann Spirit of TCSD Award winner and superstar volunteer Dawn Copenhaver aka “Food Queen”.  Please join me and get to know this very giving lady.


I had the honor recently of talking triathlon with TCSD legend Steve Tally.  I hold Steve in the highest regard as he has given so much to our club and the sport locally.  You will undoubtedly enjoy eavesdropping on our conversation and getting to this awesome guy!

Craig: What was your sports background before triathlon?  

Steve: Being from a Navy family I moved quite a bit during my early years.  I got into soccer while on the east coast and really enjoyed that, and anything else that involved running and a ball.  I’ve always loved the water and was also was on a youth competitive swim team during elementary school.  But when I moved to San Diego during junior high I discovered surfing and was WAY into that for many years.  I have always enjoyed running, but only in conjunction with a ball sport, so never went out for the high school track or cross country teams.


Dr. Toker, Jimena Florit, Jim McCann, DeeDee McCann (left to right)

I had the chance recently to sit down and talk triathlon with long time TCSD member Dr. Jonathan Toker. Jonathan's TCSD years have covered the entire spectrum from beginner to professional triathlete. In addition, Jonathan has developed the SaltStick line of products which should be a staple in any endurance athlete's nutrition plan. Please join me as we get to know this fascinating and fast entrepreneur!

I had the pleasure recently to talk triathlon with Michelle Panik, the 2009 TCSD Female Club Member of the Year.  Michelle has done so much behind the scenes work for our club and she is definitely someone you should know.

TCSD Conversation by Craig Zelent


I had the opportunity recently to talk triathlon with the TCSD's new Ironman Coach, Liam Thier.  Please join me as we get to know this well travelled triathlete and down to earth great guy.


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